Shinchonji-Truth and Lies

Truth comes from God and lies come from the devil (Jn 8:41-47).

A pastor from Shinchonji (SCJ) recently participated in a debate with a certain pastor of another church. This pastor’s identity will not be revealed to avoid embarrassing him. The pastor from SCJ had no idea what the topic of the debate would be prior to his arrival. Instead of talking about biblical explanations or testimonies, however, the other pastor brought only slanderous attacks to the discussion table. This was not a respectful discussion between pastors. The pastor from SCJ, therefore, suggested to put an end to the slanderous attacks and instead to talk only about the Bible. The pastor from SCJ asked the other pastor to answer a set of 40 questions about the Bible before continuing the debate. Furthermore, the pastor from SCJ pointed out that slandering others is a way of degrading oneself as a pastor. Instead of continuing the discussion by answering the 40 questions, the other pastor left. Later he posted an article on the Internet claiming to have won the debate against SCJ without even mentioning the 40 questions that he failed to answer.

Later on, that pastor also filed a legal complaint at the police station against the pastor of SCJ. When the pastor from SCJ met the other pastor at the police station, they both agreed to meet alone to settle their differences in private the following day. Breaking his promise, the pastor who had filed the complaint came the next day with two other followers. The pastor from SCJ placed a recorder on the table and asked, “Why did you announce that you won our debate without answering the 40 questions I gave you?” The SCJ pastor continued, “I will give you another chance. Please try to answer just 10 questions.” Five minutes had not even passed before the other pastor claimed to have an appointment he just could not miss. He left without answering a single question. Who do you think won the debate?

Lies cannot become the truth and the truth cannot become lies. Instead of lying in order to please men, we should speak the truth to please God (Gal 1:10). SCJ has received the revelation of heaven, which no one in heaven, on earth, or under the earth could know. Now, we are working diligently to testify the word of revelation according to God’s will and command (Rev 10). This is the appointed task God has given to SCJ. Only the one who receives the revelation can know the one true God (Mt 11:27). All believers can enter their hope of eternal life, by getting to know God and the one God has sent (Jn 17:3). All believers must examine our testimony, understand, and believe it. Thus, let us become the people who attain salvation.