Shinchonji-Heaven – the kingdom of God


The objective of carrying out a life of faith is to attain heaven and eternal life. We know that God, Jesus, and their angels are in heaven, but where is heaven? No one in this world knows the kingdom of heaven except the people of Shinchonji Church of Jesus.

Buddhists shave their heads and try to abandon their worldly lives by going to temples in the mountains. They do not do this because they love visiting temples; they do it to be with Buddha. Similarly, the priests and nuns of Catholicism leave their homes, abandoning their worldly lives, to enter monasteries and convents. They do not do it just to live apart from the world; they do it to be with God. The question, however, is whether they will find God and Buddha in those places.

God, the creator of heaven and earth, was in the Garden of Eden, but he left after his people sinned (Gen 6:1-3). When Jesus returns to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him (Heb 9:28), God, who had left his people because of their sins, will return with Jesus.

God, his angels, and the kingdom of heaven, which were promised in the OT, came to Jesus. Physical Israel (represented by the sun, moon, stars – Gen 37:9-11) became as dark as night (their light died out). This is why they hated, slandered and persecuted God and heaven by refusing to go to Jesus. If God and heaven were with Jesus, then going to Jesus was going to God and heaven (Jn 14:6). Because they had grown as dark as night when the light within them died, they could not understand even through the true light was shining upon them (Jn 1:5). Today, as the New Testament is being fulfilled, God, Jesus, and heaven come to the one who overcomes according to Rev 3:12. If Spiritual Israel truly believes in the Bible and in God, if they truly seek God, Jesus, and heaven, they should go to the place prophesied in the New Testament where God, Jesus, and heaven can be found. That place is the location of the one who overcomes – the promised pastor. The one who overcomes will sit with Jesus on the throne of God and Jesus. He will receive the iron scepter to rule all nations and the white stone with which to carry out judgment. He will receive the food that leads to eternal life, which he gives to the members of the 12 tribes sealed with God’s seal (Rev 2-3). Those who believe in the Bible will verify‍ whether this is true and believe above testimony. On the other hand, those who refuse to believe in the Bible will persecute those who do. Believers shall be saved.