Shinchonji-Religion and today’s reality

Every one of the world’s religions (e.g. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Confucianism, etc.) has a text from which it teaches. None of these religions, however, can claim to have mastered their respective scriptures. If people do not know all of their scriptures, they do not have a full understanding. If they do not have a full understanding, they cannot have faith in the true meaning of the text. This is why many who seek the truth have been anticipating the appearance of the “jeong do ryeong” [NB: jeong do ryeong means “spirit of the true path”] and of the “god of heaven.” This “god of heaven,” according to several texts from eastern prophets, is the lord of all religions. Christians, however, await the spirit of truth (Jn 15:26; Jn 16:13). Jeong do ryeong is another name for the spirit of truth. Jesus told us in Rev 2-3 about people in the end times who lack ears to hear the words of the spirit. Even if the spirit of truth comes, then, how can people who do not have ears to hear the words of the spirit hear and properly understand?

Believers await the spirit of the truth, the Counselor, because the scriptures promise that it will be sent (Jn 14:25-26; Jn 16). No one can teach others to follow the right path (i.e. the truth) unless the promised spirit of truth, the Counselor, comes and testifies about it.

Contrary to the rumors being circulated by groups persecuting Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) as a cult, we have never claimed that Matt 24 is the only chapter in the Bible concerning the end of the age. Let us examine what occurred at the time of the first coming. Just as it is written in Isa 29:9-13, the Bible was a sealed scroll, the true meaning of which no one could know. Why? Their pastors had become blind (Isa 42:18-19; Matt 15:14). It was then that Jesus came and opened the sealed scroll. As Jesus was preaching the words from the opened scroll (i.e. the word of revelation), the people of the day, who only learned the Bible through the teachings of men, persecuted Jesus as a cult leader or as the devil himself (Jn 8). In the same way, the spirit of truth, the Counselor, has come today and has revealed the sealed scroll of Rev 5. Now, although the spirit of truth is been testifying about the revealed word through one person, people denounce the revealed word as heresy and the person who preaches it as a cult leader. This is happening again because people have neither seen the revealed word nor have they heard of it before. It happens again despite the fact that God and Jesus clearly promised to send the spirit of truth (the Counselor) and the revealed word of God’s scroll (Jn 14:16; Jn 14:26; Matt 11:27; Rev 10).

The spirit of truth has come upon on SCJ and SCJ is proclaiming that truth. Instead of persecuting, people should first listen to the word of revelation and verify using the Bible whether what they are hearing is true. Anyone who does this will be able to understand. Those who understand and believe will receive the greatest blessings (Jn 14:29; Rev 1:1-3).