Shinchonji-The corruption of each generation and that which is prophesied

This article is concerns the condition of the corrupted pastors of each generation, the believers under the authority of those pastors, and the prophets God chose to speak for him.

Be assured that it is not through our own efforts that humans can understand the words of God. Although Adam’ world, Noah’s world, and Moses’ world were established according to God’s will, they became corrupt. In the same way, the present Christian world has become corrupt, and its teachings are no longer aligned with the word of God it received at the time of Jesus’ first coming. Christianity has been moving away from God and toward human-centric authoritarianism.

Just as God appointed Noah, Abraham, and Jesus to speak for him because they were the only righteous men of their respective generations, God has also chosen and appointed righteous individuals from today’s corrupt generation. Those whom God appointed in the past were not chosen because they were highly respected pastors. God was with them even though they probably looked like ignorant laypeople to others. On the other hand, although Paul was a well-respected scholar, he was still appointed by God. Instead of trusting in his education to save him, Paul considered what he had learned to be rubbish after receiving the revelation from Jesus (Php 3:4-8). He chose the revelation of heaven instead of his physical knowledge and possessions. The Bible even says that Jesus knew many scriptures despite having never had a formal education (Jn 7:15). Regardless of their original circumstances, these servants of God mastered the deep things of heaven because the holy spirit was with them (1Co 2:10). As well as understanding the word of God, those who received the holy spirit were even able to speak foreign languages they had never studied (Ac 2:1-4). This work of the spirit is the essence of religion.

Lamentably, the pastors of each generation used their ecclesiastical authority to persecute and kill the prophets sent by God. It was also the chief priests at the time of the first coming who killed Jesus and his disciples. The believers under these priests were not innocent bystanders; they collaborated with the priests to accomplish this persecution. It is no different in the time of the second coming. The Bible clearly states that the two witnesses who serve the Lord at the second coming will also be killed (Mt 23:33-36; Lk 20:9-10; Ac 7:51-54; Rev 11, 13).

Why are these events occurring and recurring? There are three simple reasons. First, the Bible says that no one in heaven, on earth, or under the earth was able to read or look into the scroll sealed with seven seals (Rev 5:1-3). This lack of ability to understand God’s word means that the teachings of men have become pervasive. Although people come near to God with their lips, their hearts are far from him. The people who used to belong to God have become outsiders – gentiles (Eph 2:12; Isa 29:9-13). Second, persecution occurs because people who hear the teachings of the revealed words perceive that they are different from their own teachings, which are the teachings of men. Because the teachings are different, they persecute those who preach the revealed words as heretics. Finally, persecution occurs because the hearts of the persecutors have degenerated and have become a home for Satan and his evil spirits. This is why it seems so natural for them to hate and kill those with whom holy spirits live. Both Isaiah and Apostle John referred to the words of a sealed scroll, which must be revealed. No one who understands the revealed words of that scroll that used to be sealed could hate the one who gave them those revealed words.