Shinchonji-Those born of the seed of God and those born of the seed of the devil

Since God is love (1Jn 4:8, 16), we as believers of God, should love one another. The devil, on the other hand, criticizes and persecutes others by fabricating lies (Ac 7:51-54, Mt 5:10-12). If we are believers of God, we should not perform any deeds of the devil.

Some people carry out their life of faith without realizing whether they were born of the seed of God or the seed of the devil. Some people are even in error, thinking that they are believers of God despite the fact that they criticize and persecute others instead of keeping the Lord’s commands. If trees are recognized by their fruit, please consider their deeds. The scriptures record two kinds of seeds – the seed of God and the seed of beasts (of the devil) (Jer 31:27). The seed is the word of spirits (Lk 8:11). In other words, the word of God is the seed of God, and the word of the devil is the seed of the devil. It is the seed from which people are born that determines whether they become God’s children or the devil’s children. Jesus explains this point in Mt 13, declaring that two kinds of seeds will grow together in the same field until the time of harvest. At the time of harvest, the fruits born of God’s seed will be harvested to create God’s new kingdom (Mt 13, Rev 4). Those who are not harvested, however, will remain in the field (the church). Whose children are they? This prophecy regarding the harvest in the New Testament should become a reality, should this not?

Paul declares that he is undergoing birth pains (Gal 4:19) and he has begotten people in Christ Jesus through the gospel (1Co 4:15 NKJV). He also said that he fed people milk (1Co 3:2) and regarded Timothy as a faithful son (1Co 4:15-17). Paul even said, “Even though I am absent physically. I am present in spirit” (1Co 5:3-4). Just as Paul was with people in spirit, we should believe that the spirit of Jesus is always with us (Mt 28:18-20).

Why do people not know the meaning of the scriptures, the promises of Jesus? Is it not because of the absence of the holy spirit (i.e. the spirit of Jesus) and the word? Think about what Jesus declared: “You seek to kill me because my word has no place in you” (Jn 8:37 NKJV).

● The principle of the seed

God has told us to learn from the creation (i. e. nature). The point that Jesus first made known to people in the four gospel books was the close approach of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 4). The point regarding the seed, which is the secret of the kingdom of heaven, was what Jesus first made known to people as well (Mt 13). Let us suppose that someone registers at a church and begins calling out “Lord!” Does being registered at a church and the calling out of the Lord make that person become a believer of Jesus and attain the qualifications to enter heaven? No, it does not! It is not just by calling God “Father” that people become God’s children (Jn 8:31-44). Believers of Jesus are those who obey Jesus’ words. If anyone desires to become God’s child, that person must be born of the spiritual seed of God. Only when people are born again of the word and of the holy spirit of God, can they become believers and the sons of God.

It is a seed that determines what kind of tree will grow. If hearts of people are likened to fields or houses (1Co 3:9), it is also a seed – whether it is a seed of God or a seed of the devil – sown into hearts of people that determines whose children they become. Let us consider birds to understand this principle regarding the seed. Hens can be likened to fields since they receive seeds from roosters. If there are white, red, and black roosters that have seeds, it is according to the seed of the roosters that the color of chicks is determined. In the case of unfertilized eggs, which do not have seeds from roosters, they cannot hatch. Plants have the same principle. For example, if pumpkin pollen from a stamen is not pollinated with an egg cell of a pistil, it will bear no pumpkins. In the same way, only when the seed of the holy spirit is sown into a field (i. e. heart), and the holy spirit descends on and unites with people, can people be born again as a fruit. Those born of the word and the holy spirit of God can call God “father” and become his sons. People without the seed or the holy spirit cannot have God as their father just by calling God “father.” Unlike Paul, who sowed the seed (1Co 3:6), people without the seed or the holy spirit cannot sow any seeds. Anyone who belongs to the devil is destined to hate and persecute those who belong to God. It is only those who are born of God’s word and the holy spirit that are the true believers and can have their hope come true. This is how those born of the seed of God differ from those born of the seed of the devil.

Put in a nutshell, the field in which the seeds have been sown is the church; the two kinds of seeds have been growing together in this field. At the time of harvest, harvesters come to the field in the same way as thieves come, and harvest good grains. Those who are not harvested and remain in the field will become weeds. This is the conclusion of the two kinds of seeds and fruits. If anyone understands this message, that person must pray that God will harvest him or her. Please keep in mind that today is the time of harvest.