Shinchonji-The sealed book and proof that the book has been revealed

What is the sealed book? What is the book that will be revealed, and what is the book that has been revealed?

• The amazing work that will be revealed

Many pastors and theologians claim “We have received the Holy Spirit. We are saved. We are orthodox. Those people are a cult.” I doubt that God would acknowledge these people and approve of what they say as true. The Bible says otherwise. Jesus asked whether he would be able to find any faith when he returns (Lk 18:8). The prophecies in Revelation record that all nations are destroyed through deception, and that the world commits immoral acts with the devil. She lives in sensual luxury while selling the wine of her adulteries (Rev 17, 18). At a time like this, should you trust anyone or anything except the Bible?

According to Isa 29:9-14, heads are covered, eyes are closed, and the seers and prophets are shocked and amazed. The book (the revealed word) is sealed to them. They proclaim the teachings of men and not the revealed word of God. The hearts of those who receive the teachings of men are far from God. They have become gentiles. Can there be salvation for a blind pastor or for the blind people he teaches? This is when God promised to do something absolutely extraordinary.

When will God accomplish this extraordinary deed? God told the prophet Habakkuk that every vision has an appointed time when it will be fulfilled (Hab 1:1, 2:2-3). Who, then, will fulfill it? How will it be fulfilled? After the chosen people betray and are taken captive by the gentiles, God comes to the Son of Man described in Eze 1-3. He shows him the open scroll that was formerly sealed (the sealed book), and tells the Son of Man to eat it. God commands the Son of Man to speak on his behalf to the Israelites who betrayed him and are being held captive. This sealed book represents the Old Testament and its prophecies. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy at the time of the first coming.

At the time of the first coming, Israel belonged spiritually to the devil and physically to the Roman Empire. God came to Jesus and gave Jesus his word. Jesus, according to the prophecy in Ezekiel, went to preach to the Israelites who rebelled against God (Mt 15:24; 1Jn 2:1). When Jesus came, he fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies of Isaiah, Habakkuk, and Ezekiel.

• The New Testament’s sealed book (Revelation)

As mentioned, the portions of the Old Testament that were a sealed book (i.e. the visions and prophecies) were fulfilled by Jesus (Jn 19:30). Who, then, will fulfill the sealed scroll that is in God’s hand in Revelation? Who will fulfill Jesus’ New Testament promises and how will they be fulfilled?

This book, which has words written on the front and back, was given to Jesus according to Rev 5:7. Its physical fulfillment has also appeared accordingly as Jesus broke each of the seven seals (Rev 6, Rev 8:1-2). The book Jesus opened was given to an angel and that angel gave it to Apostle John. According to Rev 10, the angel told John to eat the scroll and commanded him to preach it to the many peoples, nations, languages and kings held captive by the dragon’s beast with the seven heads and ten horns (Babylon). John is proclaiming the prophecies and fulfillment of the entire book of Revelation, which is what he saw and heard. John also proclaims God’s revealed word just as Jesus did at the first coming (Rev 1:2). He fought against the enemy and overcame him. His victory allowed him to harvest people and create the 12 tribes (Rev 12, Rev 7). Apostle John does all of this according to the words of the sealed book just as Jesus did at the first coming (Jn 16:33; Mt 19:28).

The problem is no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open or look into this sealed book (Rev 5:3-4). Only one person can open, receive, and proclaim the open book. Today, believers must decide whether they want to follow pastors who preach the thoughts of men or the pastor who teaches the original and orthodox revelation from heaven. They must decide whether they are going to remain in their own churches or join the promised 12 tribes. Everyone must discern which route is in line with God’s will. They must choose between the open, revealed book from heaven (Rev 10) and the teachings of men. Both use the Bible, but one speaks the revelation of God and the others speak the thoughts of men. Please listen to both and decide (Job 34:3-4). Obviously the revelation of God is not the same as the teachings of men. If people who follow the teachings of men call the revelation the cult, does that mean it is true? Who is the true heretic?