Shinchonji-Jesus’ commission and power

Jesus’ commission and power
According to Jn 10:35, the scriptures cannot be broken. Jesus came according to the scriptures, fulfilled prophecy according to the scriptures, and left again according to the scriptures. God promised Abraham that the Israelites would escape Egypt after four generations. Just as he promised, God came to Moses, performed many miracles, and delivered the Israelites out of Egypt. Just as he prophesied through the Old Testament prophets, God came to Jesus and performed many miracles. He raised Lazarus from the dead and walked on water. He fed 5,000 people with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish leaving 12 basketfuls of leftovers (Mt 14:17). How could Jesus have performed these miracles if God wasn’t with him?
Moses had power because God was with him. Jesus had power because God was with him. God fed the Israelites manna and quail in the time of Moses (Ex 16). God also came to Jesus to perform powerful signs. The priests of that time, however, were jealous of Jesus because they could not perform the same miracles. They cursed at their congregation members that followed Jesus. They tried to prevent others from going to Jesus by calling Jesus a cult leader and the devil (Jn 8:51-59; Ac 24:5, 14; Mt 12:22-28).
They should have given thanks and glory to God that Jesus was able to feed so many people with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Instead, they slandered Jesus for not keeping the traditions of the elders (e.g. washing one’s hands before eating). They were obviously not thinking clearly. True heretics blame others for their own wrong doing. Jesus, on the other hand, bore the cross for our sins and established the 12 tribes of the Spiritual Israel. He also promised what would be fulfilled in the future. He promised he would return and then he ascended to heaven. Today, believers must not be like the Jews of that time, who refused to believe and instead told lies designed to harm others. We pray that everyone will believe in the work of God so that everyone can be saved.